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​​How to Design Creita ​​Necklaces

How to Design Creita Bead Necklaces​

How to Design Creita Earrings​

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CREITA is a unique line of hand made fashion jewelry and accessories designed by jewelry designer Semiha Durak.


CREITA is created from a flexible metal mesh comprised primarily of copper and silver wire that has been lacquered.  Use lead free coloring.  Nickel free!  The mesh is hypo-allergenic, does not create any any skin irritations regardless of sensitivity! Water proof, it can get wet or need to be gently hand wash wire jewelry​.


CREITA may be adapted infinitely by the wearer into many styles to suit the individual and can be enhanced with pendants and giving new life to favorite pieces. You are only limited by your imagination. They will hold their design until you are ready to shape it into another style. Affordable to everyone handmade wire mesh jewelry.


CREITA is a brilliant, inexpensive solution for elegant accessorizing when traveling. It is light as a feather, easy to store and pack for use on the road and a single piece can adapt itself to many necklaces and looks eliminating the need to travel with valuable jewelry to achieve that essential wow factor.


CREITA makes wonderful gift and is cost efficient to ship.


Knowns by many names Italian mesh, Titanium mesh, wire lace, wire jewelry, artistic wire mesh, tubular Italian mesh......





Your Creita Collection is coming with an instruction booklet.

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